Creating a Remote Collection

A Remote Collection is a curated and dynamic list of shared components on a remote server. Use collection for collaborating on components between repositories.

You can create a Collection for specific projects, ideas, teams and more. Components in remote collections are discoverable by other developers.

Creating a remote Collection on

Once signed-in, click on the ’+ ADD PROJECTS’ button in the top-right corner of the screen. Choose ‘Create Collection’ from the menu. In the ‘Create Collection’ page, enter the following information:

  • Collection name
  • Visibility - Determines who can view the Collection:

    • Public - A free Collection that is visible and searchable by the community. offers free hosting for public open source Collections, now and forever.
    • Private - A closed Collection. You choose who has access permissions to the collection.
  • License - Code license for all the Collection’s contents.

Click on ‘Create Collection’. Bit redirects you to the new Collection.

Collection role types

There are 3 role types in a Collection:

  • Admin - a collection admin has root access. Including the ability to set permissions and manage the Collection memberships.
  • Developer - a developer can contribute, view and discover the Collection’s components. A developer can’t invite new members.
  • Viewer - a viewer can view and use the Collection’s components. A viewer can’t contribute to the Collection.

Collection license

The components in a Collection share the same license. These are the available license types:

  • None
  • GPL- 3.0
  • MIT
  • Apache-2.0
  • BSD (1,2,3)

Update Collection settings

To update a Collection’s settings, click on ‘Settings’ in the Collection page.

Update visibility

Changing a Collection’s visibility affects all the components within that Collection. Thus affects other developers that use components in that collection.

Add members

A Collection admin can add an unlimited amount of signed-up users as members.

To add a member:

  1. In the ‘Settings’ page, click on ‘Permissions’.
  2. Type either the username or email address of the member you wish to add under ‘Add a member’, and choose a role.
  3. Click on ‘Add’.

Remove members

To remove a member:

  1. In the ‘Settings’ page, click on ‘Permissions’.
  2. Find the user you’d like to remove in the members list.
  3. Click on the trash icon to the right.

Note: removing people might hurt their feelings :)

Create a remote Collection on your server

To create a Collection on a self-managed server, learn more here.