Deploy Bit project on Netlify

Get a Bit token

To deploy a project, you need to have a Bit token that has access to all the collections that have the components to be installed. You can create a dedicated user such as for the deployment, or use an existing user’s token.
You can get the bit token from a logged-in user by running

bit config get user.token

Deploy a project with installed @bit components

In your local project, do the following:

  • Add a .npmrc file in your project with the following:

Go to your Netlify account and do the following:

  • In Build & Deploy -> Environment, create a new ENV variable named BIT_TOKEN and add the Bit token you got from Bit installs the project’s components from the @bit registry.

Working this way, requires that you set the BIT_TOKEN variable in your local machine as well. You can add to your shell environment the following to set the token, or run it locally:

export BIT_TOKEN=$(bit config get user.token)

The problem is due to an issue that exists for Netlify to make this process easier:

deploy a project with Bit imported components

This configuration uses Bit to build components on Netlify before building the project.

  • Create the configuration as required for installing Bit components (Bit is installing the compiler from the @bit registry), described in the previous section.

Inside your project, do the following steps:

  • Create a script in a file at the root of your project.
bit config set analytics_reporting false
bit config set anonymous_reporting false
bit config set user.token ${BIT_TOKEN}
  • Make sure the config file has execution permissions by running chmod +x ./

  • Install bit-bin as a dev dependency on your project

npm install -D bit-bin
  • Add the following scripts to your package.json:
"bit-ci": "./",
"bit-build": "bit build",

Go to your Netlify account and do the following steps:

  • In Build & Deploy -> Continuous Deployment -> Build settings, edit the build command to be:
npm run bit-ci; npm run bit-build; <rest of your build settings>

Now your deployment should run and builds the bit component before building your project.