Managing Component Files

We use bit add to remove, add, move and rename files in and between components.

bit add is a unique command since we use it several times during a component’s lifecycle. We use this command to do many operations on the files of the component.

Adding a file to a component

To append a file to the component, we use bit add and specify the component ID we want to append the file too. For example, let’s append a file named foo.js to the existing component foo/bar:

$ bit add src/foo.js --id foo/bar

Removing files from components

When deleting a file (that’s part of a component) from the filesystem, Bit detect and handles it. So no further action needed. However, if we want to remove a file from a component without deleting it, we need to tell Bit to exclude it.
Exclude files from existing components with the --exclude feature of the bit add command.
Let’s take a look at the following directory tree:

├── package.json
└── src
    └── hello-world
        ├── hello-world.js
        └── index.js

Add the hello-world directory as a component:

$ bit add src/hello-world
tracking component src/hello-world:
    added src/hello-world/hello-world.js
    added src/hello-world/index.js

Now exclude index.js from the component:

$ bit add src/hello-world --id src/hello-world --exclude src/hello-world/index.js
tracking component src/hello-world:
    added src/hello-world/hello-world.js

Moving and Renaming files

When moving and renaming files, Bit won’t always track the changes. To ensure Bit tracks these changes use bit move, This command is similar to git mv.

Moving a file

bit move src/foo/bar/index.js src/components/new/location/new-file-name.js

Rename a file

To rename a file, use bit move from the old to the new file name.

bit move src/foo/bar/index.js src/foo/bar/new-name.js