Checking Bit's logs

Some errors and additional information are document in Bit’s log files but not displayed in the console output. If you’re having problems, it’s worth checking the log files.

Logs location

Bit’s log files are stored in the following directory:

  • For Mac/Linux - ~/Library/Caches/Bit/logs.
  • For Windows - %LOCALAPPDATA%/Bit/logs. If %LOCALAPPDATA% is not defined, user profile directory will be used instead of %LOCALAPPDATA%. Further fallback options are available here.

Log types

There are three different log types:

  • Debug log - debug.log.
  • Exceptions log - exceptions.log.
  • Extensions log - extensions.log.

Logs properties

Each log file’s size can be maximum 10MB, and there can be maximum 10 log files of each type. They will be numbered as follows: debug.log, debug1.log, debug2.log, etc. The log files are actually winston logs, and are tailable.