Locks the version of a ‘new’ or ‘modified’ component(s). Component’s status will then be ‘staged’.


bit tag|t [id] [version] [-m|--message <message>] [-a|--all] [-s|--scope <collection-name>] [-p|--patch] [-mi|--minor] [-ma|--major] [-f|--force] [-v|--verbose] [-i|--ignore-unresolved-dependencies] [--skip-tests]


Tagging a specific component

Specify a component id.

bit tag foo/bar

You can also specify a version to tag.

bit tag foo/bar 1.0.2

Tagging all new and modified components

Use the all flag.

bit tag --all

You can also tag all new and modified component with the same version by specifying one.

bit tag --all 0.4.2

Semantic versioning

A component’s version is set according to the semantic versioning specs. Meaning - version will be MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.

By default, tagging a component without specifying a version will bump the patch version. In order to bump a minor/major version, tag with the appropriate flag.

Bump minor version

bit tag foo/bar --minor

Bump Major version

bit tag foo/bar --major

Tagging and tests

Tagging a component will automatically run its tests. By default, tagging will be cancelled if tests fail.

In order to see test results, use the verbose flag:

bit tag foo/bar --verbose

In order to force the tagging even though tests fail, use the force flag:

bit tag foo/bar --force

Tagging a component with package dependencies

When tagging, make sure you’ve properly installed all the component’s package dependencies. Otherwise, tagging will be cancelled:

bit tag foo/bar

Will result in:

missing packages dependencies: some-package

In order to tag the component even though it has missing dependencies, use the ignore missing dependencies flag:

bit tag foo/bar --ignore-unresolved-dependencies


-m, —message

Log message describing the user changes.

bit tag foo/bar --message 'changed something, but I wont tell you what...'

-a, —all [version]

Tag all new and modified components

bit tag -all

-b, —scope

Tag all components of the specified Collection.

bit tag --scope foo

-p, —patch

Increments the patch version number (even though that’s the default behavior, so that’s practically redundant).

bit tag foo/bar --patch

-mi, —minor

Increments the minor version number.

bit tag foo/bar --minor

-ma, —major

Increments the major version number.

bit tag foo/bar --major

-f, —force

Force tagging even if tests are failing or component hasn’t changed.

bit tag foo/bar --force

-v, —verbose

Display test results when tagging.

bit tag foo/bar --verbose

-i, —ignore-missing-dependencies

Ignore missing package and file dependencies.

bit tag foo/bar --ignore-unresolved-dependencies


Skip testing components when tagging a new version.

bit tag --skip-tests
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