Initializes Bit on a local workspace. This will creates Bit’s configuration, and a .bit directory, which will contain Bit’s objects & models.


bit init [-b|--bare] [-s|--shared <group-name>] [-t|--standalone] [--reset] [--reset-hard]


-b, —bare [name]

Initializes an empty bit bare Collection.

bit init --bare

-s, —shared

Adds group write permissions to a Scope properly.

bit init --shared group-name

-t, —standalone

Creates the component store outside the .git directory.

bit init --standalone


Resets Bit to its initial state. Use this in case you have any corrupted data.

bit init --reset


Removes Bit completely from a local workspace. Use this in case you want to completely remove Bit from your project.

This will delete .bitmap, bit.json and .bit.

bit init --reset-hard
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