Building Components

Each component has a build task defined. Bit uses it to compile a component in a workspace.

Basics of Building Components

A component contains source code. Sometimes source code requires a compilation process to be usable. Bit compiles source code using a unique components called Compilers. A Compiler is a component that takes another component’s code and uses other build tools to compile it.

Where is the code compiled?

Bit builds components in an isolated component environment. Bit does it to ensure true isolation of components. If a build process works, Bit can reproduce it anywhere.

Defining a Compiler

Every component can have a compiler. Bit uses a global compiler configuration for a workspace. Bit propagate the global configuration to each component tracks in that workspace.
Configured a global compiler with the --compiler flag when importing a compiler component.

$ bit import bit.envs/compilers/babel --compiler
the following component environments were installed
- bit.envs/compilers/babel@0.0.7

Building a component

Use bit build to build components that have a compiler:

$ bit build foo/bar

Set dist target and entry

It’s possible to set dist target and entry by editing bit config.

Compilers maintained by

Find a list of Compilers maintained by the here.