Bit provides free hosting for open source projects. To host private code, Bit provide a variety of plans for your team and organization.

Bit Plans

Bit offers several billing plans. A billing plan is a Bit Organization subscription and does not require a developer to purchase a subscription to use Bit. Furthermore, developers can collaborate in any number of organizations.

  • Community plan - The basic subscription plan in Bit. This plan is active for all registered users. The Community plan allows every developer to start working with Bit, and use it for their public and private projects, as it includes a limited amount of private Collections.
  • Team plan - This subscription allows organizations to collaborate on an unlimited amount of private code. The plan includes a premium support model and can be purchased only if you have created an organization in Bit.
  • Business plan - The business subscription plan is aimed at larger teams and organizations with a need for improved support and SLA.

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Flexible plans

We offer flexible plans, our plans allow you to add and remove members according to your needs.


A member is one personal user account in an organization. An organization admin is considered as a member. Only admins can add and remove members from organizations.

Subscription billing cycle

A subscription is charged monthly. Each charge is billed for the following month. The monthly subscription fee is calculated according to your plan fixed price per user(link), multiplied by the number of members in in the organization at the date of billing. As an admin you can invite additional members to your organization after you purchased a subscription.

First purchase

Your first purchase is charged immediately. The charge is calculated according to the number of members in the organization at the time of purchase.

Payment methods and invoices

Use one of the following credit cards: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa. The charge is billed in US Dollars.

Upgrade your account

You can upgrade your account at any point. When you upgrade your plan you can use all the new plan features immediately, and the upgrade cost is only charged at your next billing cycle.

Plan cancellation, issues, and limits

You can cancel your plan and stop your recurring payments, at any time.

Canceling a plan

When you cancel a subscription, you retain access to all private Collections and components and to all of your plan features, until the end of the current billing cycle. After that, the Community plan takes affect, and you will no longer be able to access your private Collections or create new ones for your organization.

Canceling a plan does NOT delete private Collections.

Reactivate a canceled plan

Reactivating a subscription will renew the monthly subscription fee. If the account had private Collections, you would regain access to them immediately.

Recurring charge issues

If there is an issue charging the payment method, your account will retain a 60 days grace period, in which all account members will still have access to premium features and private code components. If the issue was not resolved by the end of the grace period, all access to premium features and private Collections is removed from the organization account.


Organization billing information

Luke is the admin of an organization that purchased the Team plan subscription for 10 members, paid on the 11th of every month. Luke upgraded his subscription to Business on the 17th of April. The premium support features are available immediately and Luke’s organization will be charged for ten business members only at the 11th of may.

Adding members to an Organization

Joe is the admin of an organization with 4 other members in it. Joe’s subscription is a Team plan which is billed for 5 member accounts on the 15th of every month. If Joe adds 3 more members on October 4th. All the premium features will be available to the new members immediately. On October 15th, Joe’s organization will be charged for 8 members.

Removing members from an Organization

Lia’s organization pays for 20 members on the 21st of every month. Lia removed 5 members from the organization. The organization total number of members on September 30 is 15. These 5 members will no longer have access to the organization private code. On October 20th, Lia’s organization is charged for 15 members only.

Canceling a paid subscription (Team or Business)

Diana is a team leader. She pays for her Team subscription plan on the 5th of every month. If Diana wants to downgrade from the paid subscription to the Community free subscription on June 10th, she’ll remain on the paid plan and have access to her private Collections until the end of her current billing cycle on July 4th. On July 5th, the free community plan will take effect. This process also applies to the Business subscription.